Scope of Services Provided

The Scope of services provided by Global Computer Specialists Recycling includes the collection, de-manufacturing, and recycling of CRTs & flat panel monitors, televisions, desktop CPUs, laptop computers, keyboards, and mice from generators across the United States. These products are referred to as “FM’s” under this scope.

Global Computer Specialists Recycling offers recycling services to all generators for a wide range of other equipment, including printers, scanners, copy machines, VCRs, stereos, tape players, CD players, radios, telephones, cell phones, fax machines, and electronic games. These products are referred to as “Additional Products” under this scope

The scope shall include the processing services directly to generators for FM and Additional Products, with differential rates for varying amounts and types of products. Processing includes both the highest value reuse and possible reselling of usable equipment, as well as the dismantling of the products for parts and raw materials. In addition to the quoted rates below for the processing of electronic products, separate charges are quoted for transportation of electronics by the vendors to their facilities. Generators must calculate both processing and transportation charges to determine the actual full price that will be charged for the handling of their electronics. Generators may also at their own expense deliver their electronics directly to our facility as identified below. In all cases, generators must follow the vendors’ specifications in packaging material for transport.

The vendors also provide other services for fee, including conducting “turnkey” public recycling collection events, providing onsite storage trailers, providing training, and providing transport packaging materials. Furthermore, Global Computer Specialists provides revenue sharing options for various products that have reusable or re-sellable value. Generators are encouraged to review those parts of the scope/agreement and discuss with the sales representative to determine how they may apply to their particular situation.

Each generator is encouraged to carefully evaluate its specific needs, its proximity to Global Computer Specialists facility, the nature of its surplus inventory, and any other factor that will affect the overall price of service it may request or receive. Global Computer Specialists is available to discuss the specifics of any generator’s situation, if more information is needed. Global Computer Specialists has “disk-wiping” services available at the generators request. This function is highly recommended to protect generators against the unauthorized use or sharing of data left on electronic devices. These services can be negotiated between the generator and the sales representative.

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