Acceptable Material

Computers and Peripherals
Office and Telecom Equipment
Home Office Equipment – All Types
Monitors(Flat Screen and CRT)
Computer mice
Cables & all IT accessories
Computer power supplies
Computer peripherals
Gaming devices
Network devices
Circuit boards/cards
Media speakers
Fax Machines
Video and Audio Equipment
PBX Systems
Projection Equipment Printers
Security equipment
Receivers and transmitters
Mobile Phones
Copiers & Multi-Function Devices
All phones & Communication Devices
Cables, CDs & DVD Media
Cable set top box (analog, digital, satellite)
Accessories & Cables
Cables Plasma & LCD TVs
Stereo equipment Hi-Fi Speakers
Video player
Digital cameras
DVD players
Video cameras
Game consoles
Mobile Devices
Data Center Equipment
Laboratory and Medical Equipment
Cell Phones/ Smart Phones
Personal Digital Assistant
Gaming Devices
MP3 Players
Power Distribution Units
Mainframe Computer Equipment (ADPE)
Motor Generator Sets
Server Racks
Anesthesia Units
IV Pumps
Ultrasound Equipment
*No biohazardous material accepted.
Liquids and/or gases contained in or
associated with equipment are not acceptable.

How Is Electronic Waste Hazardous?

  • Several electronic items contain the following hazardous components: lead, mercury, copper, cadmium, chromium, zinc, heavy metals, etc.
  • Monitors: contain cathode ray tubes (CRTs) which are made up of 20% lead (4-8 lbs per unit!)
  • Cell Phones: the coatings often are made of lead. Each cell phone contains .000624 lbs of lead.
  • Cell Phone Batteries: batteries in cell phones are made up of nickel and cadmium. Cadmium is the human carcinogen that causes lung and liver damage. Alternatives contain potentially explosive lithium or toxic lead.
  • Circuit Boards: Circuit boards contain mercury, lead and cadmium. Some have batteries that are made of mercury or mercury switches.
  • Laptops: The screens in laptops contain small fluorescent lamps that contain mercury.


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